piątek, 15 kwietnia 2011

Fair Play Fashion - street fashion on a dance floor

fair play fashion
Just a few days ago I was wondering when Fair Play Crew guys will finally commence with the dance-mods initiative and will design their clothing line, just FNF did. Summer Intensive example, Tricky LA and Winter Intensive showed that the polish dancers love the clothes designed by dancers for dancers and throw up new workshop suits like hot cakes. The undisputed number one in dance clothing of 2010 were FNF grey pants, which, if I'm not mistaken, had it's premiere last summer at the polish seaside - Darłówek. Since then, with the revised prints (depending on which workshop they were bought) FNF dominated the dance halls in all Polish schools of dance where hiphop is being taught. It is really difficult to take a bigger dance workshops and not meet at least three guys wearing gray FNF sweats. Not without a reason. FNF brand has marked the spot on the Polish dance map, and the fact that the pants are really comfortable and tailored to the needs of the dancers adds to the value.

I wondered, until finally I discovered that that's already happened:) Fair Play Crew finally decided to use its brand and to release clothing line called Fair Play Fashion. Collection started with the start of a page on Facebook and photo session, in which instructors from Bialystok as the models posed in Fair Play clothes. Good move. I'm guessing that in about half a year the proportions should change and FNF clothing monopoly will soon cahange to duopoly with Fair Play cloting.

Regarding the collection - thumbs up. I like fashion (especially pants), I like patterns (fairplay pistol-fingers:)), I suspect that I'll enjoy the material as well (seems to be the same as the one from FNF). What I dislike is unfortunately the color. Why on Gods name is it graaaaay again? As I said half of the hip-hop, dance halls show up in gray pants from Blazee. Tony Czar! Please come to Poland with your clothing line! Place some color on polish dance scene;)

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