środa, 13 kwietnia 2011

Spring Cleanup

So I decided to change the blog structure a bit to make it more reader-friendly. This time changes relate to the top bar on the page, where from Wydarzenia (Events) category flew out and a new category popped out. In a deleted tab there were announcements about forthcoming workshops and exciting dance events worth visiting during the month. I've come to the conclusion that the tab is redundant, since since I put the announcement anyway in my regular posts. If the event is worth remembering I'll put an article about it in the Relacje (Coverage) tab. At the same time I place a new tab saying English where I gonna place all the articles published in this language. I decided to do that because I know that I have some english speaking guestes on my blog even from such regions as the United States, Canada or even Australia:) That's basically it for now. If you have any comments or ideas for blog development, feel free to comment or send your ideas. Constructive criticism is - as always - welcomed.

Hello San Diego & Los Angeles :)))

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