wtorek, 26 kwietnia 2011

Go For It - new dance flick coming up

Go For It Movie
BOOM! There it is! The new Step Up style production, comes to theaters May 13 in the U.S.. I don't know whether the flick will go to our cinemas or will it go straight to DVD. More likely the second option since the promotion of the movie is not too big. Since few weeks before the premiere, I could barely find a poster advertising this film. The script provokes to a prolonged yawn - you've seen Step Up so you know what I mean. Perhaps we can see great dancers and choreographies but I would not count for a breathtaking story. As a main character we'll see Aimee Garcia, which, though primarily an actress (not so obvious in such productions:)) has also reportedly a strong ballet background.

Salgado, would you like to share your inspiration with a class?
- It's hiphop.



LOL, that once again schoolgirl in a teenage movie is played by 32 year old actress:) Fine with me! It makes me feel a lot younger: D

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